How A Janguard IRA Transfer Can Help You Secure Your Independence

Are you concerned about the economy and the U.S. fiscal and monetary policies? With the U.S. national debt surpassing $18 trillion and a large percentage of our GDP going to interest payments, many investors cringe when the topic of the U.S. economy comes up.


It doesn’t help that there are projections that show the U.S. national debt rising to as much as 138% of our Gross Domestic Product by 2030. (Source: Congressional Budget Office) Adding to these amazing figures is the recent political debacle over the Omnibus Spending Bill. Of course, we can’t forget the impact of Baby Boomers on the Social Security and Medicare systems. The U.S. Government has increased the money supply by printing more and more currency.

The Federal Reserve Bank is creating artificially low interest rates in order to “stimulate the economy” and keep inflation in check. However the amount of interest you can earn on a “safe” bank CD or money market account is next to zero while the cumulative inflation rate for the last two years was 2.64%. Thus, it is likely that one have lost money on an inflation adjusted basis in recent years. Based on this data, it is reasonable to question the overall financial direction of the country.

If you have a basic concern or distrust of the “full faith and credit of the U.S. Government” you may want to investigate ways to preserve your retirement assets. After years of accumulating retirement assets in IRAs and 401(k) plans, many people are looking at self directed IRAs. In these types of IRAs you are allowed a wide array of investment options; not just the 4 or 6 that were on the 401(k) plan of your employer. How can you do this? Janguard has devised strategies that could help out outpace inflation and profit from rising interest rates, regardless of how much debt our nation accumulates.

We at Janguard can assist you in understanding your options for your IRA and retirement accounts. By becoming a better-informed invested you can mitigate the effects of ill-fated fiscal policies and Washington cronyism.

For more information on IRA strategies and transferring your account to a self directed IRA or for answers to specific questions regarding your retirement accounts, call Janguard at 800.571.6341 today and discover how easy it is to secure your independence with a self-directed IRA.


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