Rollover Individual Retirement Accounts to One Self-Directed IRA at

Do you want to rollover individual retirement accounts to one self-directed IRA? can help you combine multiple retirement accounts into a single, self-directed IRA. Eligible accounts include:

  • Roth & Traditional IRAs
  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans
  • Employer-sponsored retirement accounts

individual retirement account

Your status at your company, as well as the balance and current investments in your individual retirement accounts, may affect your IRA conversion eligibility.

  1. Ensure rollover/transfer/conversion eligibility for the account(s) in question by calling your retirement account provider(s) or by reaching out to Janguard, Inc. directly at 800.571.6341.
  2. Complete an IRA transfer/rollover form for each account that you wish to combine into your new self-directed IRA.
  3. If you are combining accounts from multiple custodians into a self-directed IRA that is held by a custodian of whom you are not already a client, you’ll need to fill out a Self-Directed IRA application.

Between one and six weeks (timing varies based on the custodians involved), your new self-directed IRA will be opened and funded. You can select any number of investments offered by your new IRA custodian, and in some cases, you might be able to retain investments from previous custodians.

Your Janguard IRA transfer adviser can help you with the IRA transfer paperwork at no charge, but your custodians might charge you investment liquidation and/or account closure fees.

To rollover individual retirement accounts and secure your independence with one self-directed IRA, call Janguard today at 800.571.6341 or visit for your free IRA transfer starter kit.