Rollover Individual Retirement Accounts to One Self-Directed IRA at

Do you want to rollover individual retirement accounts to one self-directed IRA? can help you combine multiple retirement accounts into a single, self-directed IRA. Eligible accounts include:

  • Roth & Traditional IRAs
  • Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans
  • Employer-sponsored retirement accounts

individual retirement account

Your status at your company, as well as the balance and current investments in your individual retirement accounts, may affect your IRA conversion eligibility.

  1. Ensure rollover/transfer/conversion eligibility for the account(s) in question by calling your retirement account provider(s) or by reaching out to Janguard, Inc. directly at 800.571.6341.
  2. Complete an IRA transfer/rollover form for each account that you wish to combine into your new self-directed IRA.
  3. If you are combining accounts from multiple custodians into a self-directed IRA that is held by a custodian of whom you are not already a client, you’ll need to fill out a Self-Directed IRA application.

Between one and six weeks (timing varies based on the custodians involved), your new self-directed IRA will be opened and funded. You can select any number of investments offered by your new IRA custodian, and in some cases, you might be able to retain investments from previous custodians.

Your Janguard IRA transfer adviser can help you with the IRA transfer paperwork at no charge, but your custodians might charge you investment liquidation and/or account closure fees.

To rollover individual retirement accounts and secure your independence with one self-directed IRA, call Janguard today at 800.571.6341 or visit for your free IRA transfer starter kit.


Who is eligible for a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plan?

A Simplified Employee Pension Plan, also known as a SEP IRA, is a qualified retirement account offered to employees by their respective employers.

sep ira eligibility requirements Employer SEP IRA Eligibility Requirements

Any legitimate employer is eligible to start a Simplified Employee Pension Plan for its employees, including:

  • C-Corporations
  • LLCs
  • S-Corporations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorships

Employees of a business, who are not also owners of the business, are not eligible to start their own Simplified Employee Pension, but they can establish a Traditional IRA, to which employers can make SEP contributions.

Employee SEP IRA Eligibility Requirements

Employee SEP IRA eligibility can be determined by a few simple questions:

  1. Is the employee aged 21 or more?
  2. Has the employee worked for the business in at least 3 of the previous 5 years?
  3. Did the employee receive at least $600 in compensation this year?

Employers may elect to make eligibility requirements more lenient, but not more strict. If an employer offers a SEP to one employee, then it must offer it to all employees based on the same requirements.

Exceptions & Addendums

Employers have the option of excluding union employees and non-resident aliens with no U.S.-based compensation.

Employees are not allowed to calculate more than $255,000 in income when determining their SEP IRA contribution.

If an employee doesn’t want to establish an IRA, the employer may make contributions on the employee’s behalf.


If you would like to know more about  for your company, or opening a SEP IRA as an employee, call 800.571.6341 now to get started.

Propel Your IRA’s Value with IRA Transfer Success 101 Today

Are you brand new to retirement account investing? Do you have an IRA but aren’t really sure how to optimize it for today’s economic climate? Why haven’t you transferred your old 401(k) away from your previous employer and into a self-directed Traditional or Roth IRA? If your IRA investing knowledge is lacking, there is hope. Janguard, Inc. is offering household investors and IRA custodians free copies of its newest publication, IRA Transfer Success 101.

IRA Transfer Success 101 shows you how to make the most of your retirement account money by outlining strategies and tactics used by the world’s most successful IRA investors as well as up-to-date IRA information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Janguard’s expert team of IRA transfer advisers. In IRA Transfer Success 101 you’ll discover:

● the top 10 IRA investment options for 2015

● how to use interest rate cycles to make money no matter how much inflation there is

● why the U.S. government’s ballooning federal debt isn’t sustainable and more!

Janguard IRA success

For a limited time, you can obtain your free copy of IRA Transfer Success 101 exclusively from Janguard by visiting our website and filling out the IRA transfer information form on the right side of the page. You’ll instantly be rewarded with the electronic version of the brochure, which is designed to give busy investors an edge when diversifying their retirement accounts.

You’ll then receive a courtesy call from a non-commission Janguard IRA transfer adviser, whose job it is to get you more free information and answer any questions you might have about IRA investing in these tumultuous financial times. If you would like to speak with someone now,simply call Janguard at 800.571.6341 and discover how easy it is to secure your independence with a self-directed IRA.

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How A Janguard IRA Transfer Can Impact Your Wealth & Help You Secure Your Independence

There are many reasons to consider an IRA transfer. Maybe you like your broker but he or she just seems to have a knack for picking losers. Maybe the fees your current IRA custodian charges are too high for your taste. Maybe the investment you really want isn’t available through your current provider. Maybe your account has been vastly under performing the market or is too volatile for your liking. Either way, you’re looking to transfer your IRA and you need to know how your next retirement account custodian will help you achieve your goals now and into retirement.

Janguard, Inc. bases its investing philosophies on conservative principles. We believe that the $18 trillion national debt is not going to solve itself. We look at quantitative easing, low interest rates and bond-buying programs like “Operation Twist” as Machiavellian measures by a government that is quickly running out of ideas.

Janguard IRA TransferThe recent invention of the MyRA Plan by President Obama could be the first step toward IRA nationalization, according to some. Do you want the government to force you to invest in Treasury bonds or other investments deemed “safe” by the government? Of course not. That’s why it is imperative to secure your independence with a self-directed IRA investing in assets that maintain and even grow in value despite tumultuous financial markets caused by a weak U.S. dollar. Janguard has devised strategies that can help you save and make money in any economic environment, and we want to teach you how to use the world’s economic cycles to protect and grow your retirement account wealth.

If you would like more information on how a Janguard IRA transfer could help you save more money to spend during retirement and/or to pass on to your loved ones, visit today and request your copy of our new special report, Profit from Rising Interest Rates in 2015, absolutely free-of-charge. Alternatively, call a non-commissioned Janguard IRA transfer adviser toll-free at 800.571.6341 and ask about securing your independence with our proven strategies for IRA growth. You’ve earned your retirement and it should be spent doing what you love surrounded by those closest to you. Call Janguard today for your no-obligation IRA transfer consultation, and discover how easy it is to secure your independence from rising deficits and a falling dollar with Janguard.

How A Janguard IRA Transfer Can Help You Secure Your Independence

Are you concerned about the economy and the U.S. fiscal and monetary policies? With the U.S. national debt surpassing $18 trillion and a large percentage of our GDP going to interest payments, many investors cringe when the topic of the U.S. economy comes up.


It doesn’t help that there are projections that show the U.S. national debt rising to as much as 138% of our Gross Domestic Product by 2030. (Source: Congressional Budget Office) Adding to these amazing figures is the recent political debacle over the Omnibus Spending Bill. Of course, we can’t forget the impact of Baby Boomers on the Social Security and Medicare systems. The U.S. Government has increased the money supply by printing more and more currency.

The Federal Reserve Bank is creating artificially low interest rates in order to “stimulate the economy” and keep inflation in check. However the amount of interest you can earn on a “safe” bank CD or money market account is next to zero while the cumulative inflation rate for the last two years was 2.64%. Thus, it is likely that one have lost money on an inflation adjusted basis in recent years. Based on this data, it is reasonable to question the overall financial direction of the country.

If you have a basic concern or distrust of the “full faith and credit of the U.S. Government” you may want to investigate ways to preserve your retirement assets. After years of accumulating retirement assets in IRAs and 401(k) plans, many people are looking at self directed IRAs. In these types of IRAs you are allowed a wide array of investment options; not just the 4 or 6 that were on the 401(k) plan of your employer. How can you do this? Janguard has devised strategies that could help out outpace inflation and profit from rising interest rates, regardless of how much debt our nation accumulates.

We at Janguard can assist you in understanding your options for your IRA and retirement accounts. By becoming a better-informed invested you can mitigate the effects of ill-fated fiscal policies and Washington cronyism.

For more information on IRA strategies and transferring your account to a self directed IRA or for answers to specific questions regarding your retirement accounts, call Janguard at 800.571.6341 today and discover how easy it is to secure your independence with a self-directed IRA.

The U.S. Government Won’t Protect You – Protect Yourself with a Self-Directed IRA

Last week, on December 11, 2014 our “leaders” in Washington passed a bill that will keep the government open through the Omnibus Spending Bill. This controversial bill divided both parties with some tremendous “horse trading.” One of the items in the new spending bill gutted a major provision of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. A key component of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law removed government backing for contracts called “swaps” that were seen as part of the cause of the 2008 financial meltdown. The new omnibus spending act now allows banks to use government-insured funds to trade in these derivatives, potentially (and historically) to the detriment of U.S. taxpayers.


One way of interpreting this act and its impact on us is to see that both the administrative and legislative branches of the U.S. government have passed a law which benefits Wall Street and provides a new spark for the supposedly-suffocated financial debacle fire. This questionable governmental policy may be sending a message that individuals need to look out for themselves in the overall financial picture.

How can you do this?

We at Janguard can assist you in understanding your options for your IRA and retirement accounts. By becoming a better-informed invested you can mitigate the effects of ill-fated fiscal policies and Washington cronyism. Janguard would like to show you strategies that could preserve and grow your retirement account wealth in any financial climate, including the current one of wasteful government spending, low interest rates, and under-the-surface inflation. For more information on IRA strategies and transferring your account to a self directed IRA or for answers to specific questions regarding your retirement accounts, call Janguard at 1.800.571.6341 today and discover how easy it is to secure your independence with a self-directed IRA.