Best IRA Transfer Options for Recent Retirees

Investors often transfer their IRAs on, or close to, the date of their retirement. Whether you expect to earn more income in retirement or less, here are the best IRA transfer options for recent retirees.


Precious MetalsPrecious Metals

If you believe that your spending power could be destroyed by inflation in the coming years, then you might want to invest in gold and silver. Precious metals have a history of increasing in value when fiat currents become overprinted. However, precious metal investments only result in profit or loss when sold; physical gold and silver don’t accrue interest or pay dividends.


The stock market can be tricky, especially when interest Stocksrates are on the rise. The Federal Reserve has hinted that it could raise interest rates as early as June, but if you expect to make more money after you retire than you do now, then you might want to try your hand at stocks. Other investors prefer to invest in “baskets” of stocks, also known as mutual funds.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)certificate-of-deposit-savings

If you don’t want to play the stock market, then you might want to invest in CDs that pay a small amount of interest over a specific period of time, usually from six months to five years. CDs are often recommended for conservative investors, but they do involve risks – dollar devaluation, the failure of the bank that issued the CD and the bankruptcy of the FDIC.

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