Who is eligible for a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plan?

A Simplified Employee Pension Plan, also known as a SEP IRA, is a qualified retirement account offered to employees by their respective employers.

sep ira eligibility requirements Employer SEP IRA Eligibility Requirements

Any legitimate employer is eligible to start a Simplified Employee Pension Plan for its employees, including:

  • C-Corporations
  • LLCs
  • S-Corporations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorships

Employees of a business, who are not also owners of the business, are not eligible to start their own Simplified Employee Pension, but they can establish a Traditional IRA, to which employers can make SEP contributions.

Employee SEP IRA Eligibility Requirements

Employee SEP IRA eligibility can be determined by a few simple questions:

  1. Is the employee aged 21 or more?
  2. Has the employee worked for the business in at least 3 of the previous 5 years?
  3. Did the employee receive at least $600 in compensation this year?

Employers may elect to make eligibility requirements more lenient, but not more strict. If an employer offers a SEP to one employee, then it must offer it to all employees based on the same requirements.

Exceptions & Addendums

Employers have the option of excluding union employees and non-resident aliens with no U.S.-based compensation.

Employees are not allowed to calculate more than $255,000 in income when determining their SEP IRA contribution.

If an employee doesn’t want to establish an IRA, the employer may make contributions on the employee’s behalf.


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